About Homoeopathy

(A) What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy is a branch of medical science based on therapeutic law of nature. The principle of homoeopathy is “similia similibus curentur” and which is infallible. Herein treatment, that medicine from the armoury is applied to the patient, which has capacity to produce most similar set of symptoms to that of the patient when administered in healthy human beings. The ideal is- “let likes be cured by likes”. This is the basic of homoeopathy.

– Therapeutic law of nature

“A weaker dynamic affection is permanently extinguished in the living organism by a stronger one, if the latter (whilst differing in kind) is very similar to the former in its manifestations.”- Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

(B) Background of medicine and discovery of homoeopathy

If we look back to the primitive world, what we see to come across the scenario of that period in context of sick people? We see through the mirror of history, there was no physician, no medicine, and no logical treatment for any man suffering from sickness.
Instead, the sorcerer’s or the magician’s and the priest’s roles were into play. Thus, the art of healing, in prehistoric era (5000 BC), was intermingles with superstition, religion, magic, and witchcraft. History tells further to let us know more. Different systems of medicine were in practice in different ages thereafter as in India, China, and Egypt.
After them Greek came into the action to give a new direction to medical thought. Logical treatment of diseases literally introduced first time to the world by greatest Greek physician Hippocrates. He is used to describe as ‘father of medicine’. He studied and classified diseases based on observation and reasoning. Medicines came into the game loudly.
That was a period around 400 BC. It got then a good start to progress. But during the period between the years from 500 to 1500 AD, which is known as ‘middle ages’, it reverted back to primitive medicine dominated by superstition and dogma with no real progress of medicine. And the period is called ‘dark ages of medicine’. At the end of that period medicine was revived by Paracelsus (1490-1541). It gained momentum again. Thence medicine was on its way to arrive at great and genius Dr. Hahnemann’s era (1755-1843). These were 17th and 18thcenturies when people had been fully excited with various discoveries that lead to great advancement in allied subjects of medicine (e.g. anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc.). But at that period of time scale, there was no principle or no definite rational system found in the prevailing approach of treatment. Several torturous modes of treatment often adopted for sick persons by the physicians even of that time.
Only chaotic condition was going on all over. Samuel Hahnemann, who got M.D. in allopathic medicine, began to practice in that medical stream. Being disappointed and frustrated with that system he gave up medical practice after a few years. Having a possession of sound knowledge in many languages he took the job of translator for translation of different books of different languages in order to earn money. While doing so Hahnemann incidentally came to know the truth of therapeutic rule of nature in 1790 to become extremely delightful. Eventually, homoeopathy was discovered by him, the great son of God.
Its principle i.e. ‘similia similibus curentur’, though demonstrated as well as established with logical and universal footing first time by Hahnemann, but the efficacy of similimum pertaining therapeutic field was not really new to the world before. Sushruta, one of the four authorities of India in ayurvedic medicine and also Hippocrates sensed this therapeutic property of nature, but none of them was able to formulate right doctrine on the foundation of right principle in order to ordain, in order to establish it in all the ways. Although homoeopathy was discovered earlier but the world came to the light of this factual knowledge first time when Hahnemann made his new discovery in medicine public through the article entitled “ Essays on a New Principle for Ascertaining the Curative Power of Drugs” published in medical journal of Hufeland in Germany in the year of 1796 .
Bewildered medical world got an actual tract of medicine bonding with definite principle erected on therapeutic law of nature. The journey of homoeopathy set out overwhelming all sorts of impediments came from a large section of the then medical world. Unfair attacks nourished by unmerited reasoning from biased and bigoted camps are still in action. Yet, it has, in the world of today, spread all over attended with growing popularity, reputation, acceptance and recognition.

(C) New concept in homoeopathy

The basic concept of homoeopathy appeared new and with great surprise to the medical world is what we say dynamis. This is the unique concept of vitality and can be termed as follows:
1.Dynamis of living human being i.e. vital principle
2.Dynamis of disease i.e. disease dynamics force.
3.Dynamis of medicine i.e. Dynamic power of medicine.

(D) Health, disease and cure – how they take place – a new thought

“In the healthy condition of man, the spiritual vital force (autocracy), the dynamis that animates the material body (organisms), rules with unbounded sway, and retains all the parts of the organism in admirable, harmonious, vital operation, as regards both sensations and functions, so that our indwelling reason gifted mind can freely employ this living, healthy instrument for the higher purposes of our existence.”- Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

When vital principle is in equilibrium, the vital operations of the vital force are undisturbed to keep going of all biochemical functions precisely in the physical plane to maintain homoeostasis and also to keep harmony and comfort in psychosomatic plane of the living human being. There is equilibrium as well in life functions and as a result, health is preserved. Any disorganization in that equilibrium creates diseased state. This disorganization or deviation can be caused by any inimical force of dynamic nature i.e. disease dynamic force. Similarly, the equilibrium of the vital force that is of distressed vital principle can be restored from its deviation only by aiding force of dynamic nature i.e. medical dynamic force when applied on the basis of therapeutic law of nature. Exactly it is done merely in this system of medicine. Because, only in homoeopathy, medicine is prepared by special technique of potentization from which we get higher to more higher dynamic power required for the road of destination in subtle plane to accomplish permanent cure.

“All disease causes are in simple substance (vital principle); there is no disease cause in concrete substance considered apart from simple substance. We therefore study simple substance, in order that we may arrive at the nature of sick making substance and also potentize our medicines in order to arrive at their simple substance; that is, at the nature and quality of the remedy itself. The remedy to be homoeopathic must be similar in quality and similar in action to disease cause.”- Dr. J.T. Kent

(E) Homoeopathy a class, a unique system of medicine

  • In homoeopathy unlike all other therapeutic methods the latent dynamic power of medicine necessary for correction in dynamic plane to restore the sick to health is aroused by specialized process of potentization.
  • Wide range of potencies with no expiry date has made the medicine excellent and exceptional. Among all the medicines of today it is the only medicine of energy-centric.
  • It is the only method of treatment where the most scientific and justified rule of drug proving on several healthy human beings is adopted to acquire the knowledge of power of curative actions of medicines required for treatment of illness of human beings.
  • The infallible principle of therapeutic law of nature is followed only in the procedure of this healing art.
  • Homoeopathy is a system of combination of great art and higher level of science and the backbone of which is comprised of strong philosophy with logic.
  • On the basis of holistic concept, individualization, which is the key of perfect homoeopathic prescription, is made. It can, therefore, be said that this approach justifies the uniqueness of this therapy.
  • Three miasms – psora, syphilis, and sycosis are the fundamental causes of all chronic diseases. To cure chronic diseases antimiasmatic treatment must have to be taken into account. And this is done only in classical homoeopathy.
  • Minimum dose, single medicine and unbelievable potentized power of immaterial homoeopathic medicine are the strong feature of genuine homoeopathic prescription and good enough to effect cure in real sense. This is amazing. This is really fascinating.

(F) Aim of homoeopathy

Palliation or suppression of disease symptoms in treatment often leads to future recurrence or constitutional complications or may even head to the destiny of incurable stage and that is not the aim of homoeopathic prescription except for the real cases of incurable ailments. Its aim is to cure the curable diseases smoothly, rapidly and permanently in the harmless way.

(G) Why one should go for treatment in this system
of medicine?

  • For natural diseases homoeopathy is the only roadway to reach the end point of permanent and harmless cure.
  • There is no better alternative of homoeopathic treatment for true chronic diseases.
  • In some of the surgical diseases homoeopathy is the best answer.
  • Relief to a considerable extent is often possible to provide the patients of incurable cases.
  • Protection of next generation from genetically transmitted diseases can be feasible at least to a great extent by this system of medicine.
  • Gentle approach of treatment carries high value in this system of medicine. Here, a patient finds no hazard, no pain, or no difficulties in receiving this medicine. For patients it is easy to access.
  • Since medicines here are used generally in finer or immaterial form, hence the toxic effects of crud medicines, what are observed in other systems, do not take place.
  • If homoeopathic medicines are properly employed no side effect occurs.
  • No drug resistance is found in homoeopathic medicines.
  • Unaltered efficacy of the homoeopathic medicines, which we observe for last nearly 220 years time.
  • It is cheap and safe medicine.
  • The treatment is cost-effective because of necessity of minimum dose of medicine and relatively lesser requirements of nosological disease diagnostic investigations.
  • This is not the medicine of present time only; it is future medicine too.

(H) Few points of great value in treatment

In this therapeutic system, sickness is considered as a whole not in parts or fragments. As no two persons are on the whole alike in the human world and eventually they may psychosomatically differ minutely from one to another in manifestation of the same nosological disease, hence medicine is selected for administration accurately on the basis of individualization. So, a disease of particular nosological name say for an example, influenza, when is found to affect a group of persons may require different medicines for different persons with no wonder. On the other hand, a medicine e.g. Bryonia may be useful in various diseases like influenza, pleurisy, asthma, migraine, constipation, rheumatism and many others. If anybody asks for a medicine in a case of hypothyroidism, or tuberculosis, or diabetes mellitus in the aim of cure, will we be able to prescribe the similimum instantly with the word go?

No, unless the detail of the case history is obtained in accordance with the rule of homoeopathy, the remedy cannot be prescribed. Because, we have no fixed or in other words, specific medicine for curing of diabetes mellitus or any other disease.

The thing, which has capability to produce something good, if is used in wrong way, can evolve harmful, injurious consequences. We know that homoeopathic medicines have power to act on the living human body in its very deep level i.e. in the mental sphere, nervous system, and genetic plane. Therefore, if the deep acting medicines like Sulphur, Medorrhoenum, Syphilinum, Tuberculinum, Kali. Iod and so on are often used unnecessarily they are powerful enough to bring a change in the constitution towards unfavourable direction.

Drug proving of medicine in different forms of mixtures in different healthy individuals was never executed. It is not feasible to acquire the knowledge of medicinal action perfectly or clearly with this pattern of proving. This is also very difficult to make this style of drug proving simplified. The use of unproved mixtures of medicines holds no scientific back-up in one hand and may create complications in the body system on the other. This unethical practice is dangerous since it may drag homeopathy to the black hole of extinction. So, one should not intend to be caught in the trap of pharmaceutical companies in respect of patent medicines for its taking or prescribing.

The ideal homoeopathic prescription is considered as skilful art. It is not at all an easy task. For correct prescription, good knowledge on this vast subject, experience in practice, sincerity in profession and above all intuition are obviously required. This is not possible for a layman to take medicine by his/her own or to prescribe for other sick persons through the right pathway. So, to avert unfortunate effects from misuse of medicines one should go through a homoeopathic physician to be treated for his/ her sickness.

Every disease is essentially not curable. Homoeopathy has its extent, has its limitation so far the treatment is in concern. A homoeopath should always remain only in the domain of homoeopathy. He never should commit for cure or maximum benefit to the patient where it is really undoable.

A homoeopathic physician should always be rigid in following the principles of homoeopathy. He should be a keen observer and a good learner too. He has to possess proper knowledge about disease, medicine with its applications and also regarding auxiliary modes in the art of healing diseases. Most importantly, he has to be competent enough to pick up the salient feature of the sick individual. Finally, to be true homoeopath one has to develop skilful art in the sphere of treatment.

Orientaion of patients for homoeopathy is dearly needed for ample of success in the domain of treatment. For this the patient should have to observe his own troubles keenly and should present them all precisely to the physician. He should not ignore even trifle symptoms both of mental as well as of physical states. He should fully obey the direction of his treating doctor. He, as well, will not turn down in giving answers properly of all queries put forward by the physician even if they seem unrelated to sickness.

Medicine must be genuine. It must be prepared strictly as per rule of homoeopathic pharmacopia from original herbs and other medicinal substances. There is no space for any sort of compromise in preparation of homoeopathic medicine otherwise failure has every possibility to be surfaced in the outcome.

N.B.  Common notion prevails among majority of people is that homoeopathic medicines act slowly and recovery time here is long. There is another most common thought we can sense, for any critical condition of the patient, homoeopathy has got no scope of treatment. To a large extent, these are not true. I can only say that these ideas are derived from faulty knowledge and wrong belief. A few examples I can put below from the experience of my own practice in order to attempt to set right these erroneous conceptions or fixed ideas.  

  • A good number of cases of uncontrolled severe diarrhoea, where the family members of the patients were thinking of admitting the patient at the hospital, had recovered in 24 hours.
  • A case of psoriasis (which is commonly termed as incurable) was found to be cured in a few months only!
  • Patients suffering from migraine often tagged by incurable status were found to touch recovery-line in treatment of some months together.
  • Leucoderma was found to be healed in couples of month time.
  • Severe abdominal colic, which was not relieved despite of taking allopathic emergency treatment in 2 hospitals successively, was relieved in one hour time with the help of merely 3 doses of homoeopathic medicine.
  • Many maddening headache cases were found to get amelioration in less than few hours.
  • Overnight stools of 20-25 times in blood dysentery started to show improvement immediately after taking homoeopathic medicine towards normalcy in a day.
  • An old aged woman, who was declared a liver cancer patient in other system of treatment, has been surviving for last 25 years after taking the help of this medicine!
  • Remission of dengue fever took place as early as 8-10 hours time after taking our medicine with enhancement of platelet count sufficiently in 3 days! Several critical cases of dengue with rapid lowering of platelet counts were combated successfully achieving nearly similar results too.
  • Viral fevers are usually observed to get remission in the period between 24 to 48 hours.
  • Mild hemiplegia following an attack of stroke got back to normalcy by a fortnight!
  • In 2 days, homoeopathic medicines restored many times the asthma patients from their acute condition of breathing trouble to the state of natural and regular breathing.
  • Rectal abscess needed immediate surgical intervention according to the surgeon was cured in about a week.
  • In a diabetic foot threatening to gangrene, in which emergency operation was suggested by the surgeon, homoeopathic medicines took about a month time to tackle the situation successfully!
  • It took 7 days only to heal a case of persistent frozen shoulder of 1-year duration!
  • In a case with h/o repeated miscarriage in early months of pregnancy, homoeopathic treatment helped the mother to carry on full term pregnancy and to give birth to a nice healthy baby too.
  • A teen aged girl after having 6 months of this treatment delighted to see her pre-graying hairs to get back into black hairs!
  • Merely 7 months time was required for medicine of this system in removing a growth of pea-nut- sized haemangioma on the head!
  • 2 years of homoeopathic treatment permanently healed hypothyroidism in a girl.
  • Palliations to a considerable degree were possible to provide in various late cases of malignancy till death of the patients with this medicine only.

It is, as well, no surprise to observe curativoutcome in some of the so-called incurable cases and surgical diseases where treatment procedure is received from this unique system of advanced medicine. Now, one thing is to be cleared here. None does obtain the taste of success all the time. Failure, in fact, also heads to destiny sometimes in practice. But, if failure appears in the treatment of the sickness belongs to the range of homoeopathy, one cannot blame homoeopathy, rather homoeopath or other factors like patient, social environment, etc. should be sorted out to be responsible for that.