Welfare Organisation


49/c, Anath Nath Deb Lane, Kolkata - 700037

Homoeopathic Society for People’s Welfare’ was founded by Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha in the year of 2007. Under his leadership this registered organization has been working with the mission for the betterment of the people in the society since then. Many renowned homoeopaths in association with some non-medical personalities with great thinking have been working voluntarily as a team for the noble cause under one umbrella of this organization with devotion. What ‘Homeopathic Society for People’s Welfare’ bears the objective the objectives are to provide the followings to the people of different walks in the society with no geographical limit.

  1. To aware the people regarding health - both for personal and community by means of circulating leaflets and doing seminars.
  2. To provide treatment of the patients with distribution of medicine along with health check-ups up to a certain limit and medical advice through health camps at free of cost.
  3. To arrange special scientific seminars in order to develop homoeopathic system of medicine as well as to update the knowledge of homoeopathic physicians in view of the ultimate benefit of sick persons in this world.
  4. To help distressed and backward people in different possible ways.

Executive body of 2014 – 2015

PRESIDENT : Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha

VICE-PRESIDENT : Mrs. Mukti Saha, Dr. (Mrs.) Madhumanti Nayek

SECRETARY : Dr. Gouranga Chandra Nayek

ASSISTANT SECRETARY : Dr. P.K.Dey, Mr. Amit Sarkar, Dr. Rekha Mukherjee

TREASURER : Dr. Pranab Chatterjee


EXECUTIVE MEMBERS : Dr. Pradip Kundu, Mr. Ram Mukherjee, Mr. Ashok Paul, Dr. (Mrs.) Shipra Chatterjee, Mr. Pradip Adhikary

  Welfare services uptill now

(A)  Health awareness programme:

  • To develop awareness about community health in the society leaflets in English and Bengali languages have been circulated at free of cost in several places and different times since the start of the journey.
  • A seminar as a health awareness programme was held at ‘Mohit Mancha’, Paikpara, Kolkata, on February, 2011. That was done as a mission of charity for benefit of the people with the help of developing awareness among them about some grave diseases in order to prevent and combat the diseases well. On the occasion of that programme Dr. Bibhuti Saha discussed on ‘H.I.V’., Mr. Sanjib Achariya, the chairman of ‘Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation’, talked on ‘Thalassemia’, and finally Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha briefly narrated ‘Cancer’ as a whole. At the end of each lecture quiz was done, in which prizes were given to the persons who were able to give right answer. The attending persons of the programme got interest in the whole matter and enjoyed the lectures chosen on very important subjects related to killer diseases of the present era, which fulfills our mission.
  • In different health camps, as a part of health awareness programme in order to build healthy nation, Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha discussed on different important topics, such as - CEREBRAL STROKE, HEART ATTACK, DIABETES, HYPERTENSION, THYROID DISORDER, HOW TO LIVE HEALTHY, EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT IN CRITICAL CONDITIONS OF SOME ACCEDENTAL CASES.

(B)     Aids:

  • To civil defense in August, 2008 - One thousand rupees.
  • To poor students in September, 2011 - Three thousand rupees.
  • To Dr. Prof. A. R. Khudabukhsh for his research works on homoeopathic medicine in September, 2011 - Two thousand and one rupees.
  • To Mithu Manna for treatment of his father who is suffering from cancer in January, 2013 - Five thousand rupees.
  • To Sonia Begum for admission in school of her son in June, 2013 - One thousand rupees.
  • To lung cancer patient Utpal Mukherjee for his treatment in September, 2013 - Ten thousand rupees.
  • To the wife of Utpal Mukherjee on his death in November, 2013 - One thousand rupees.
  • To Thallassemia patients (two) for their treatment in December, 2013 - Four thousand rupees.
  • To one hundred fifty poor school students in February, 2014 - one set of exercise copies with rubber and pencils each.
  • To two hundred needy school students in February, 2015 - a bunch of exercise copies each.
  • To a poor sick person for treatment in February, 2016 - five thousand rupees.
  • To more than hundred school students in March, 2016 - a bunch of exercise copies each.

(C)    Health / Medical Camp:

In health camps usually the following services are given without any charge.

  • Physical check-up – measurement of height, weight, and blood pressure.
  • Blood sugar test with instant report.
  • Treatment of the patients by experienced and qualified homoeopaths of this organization.
  • Dispensing of medicine.
  • Medical advice for management.
  • Discussions on very important sicknesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, Heart attack, Cerebral stroke, etc. with its prevention and management are usually done by the president of this Homoeopathic Society, Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha in some of the camps in accordance with the demand of the public.
  The medical camps provided by us -
  1. At ‘Sadhubaba’s Ashram’, Ratanpur of Burdwan - December, 2007. (Additional dental check-up service was given)
  2. At ‘Sadhubaba’s Ashram’, Ratanpur of Burdwan - December, 2008.
  3. In Dankuni - December, 2008.
  4. At Gardenreach, Kolkata - January, 2009.
  5. In Asansole - February, 2009.
  6. At Belgachia Kundu Lane, Kolkata - February, 2009.
  7. At Garia, kolkata - Jauary, 2010.
  8. At Tollygunge, Kolkata - February, 2010.
  9. At ‘Belgachia United Club’, Belgachia, Kolkata  -  May, 2010.
  10. At Kachua, 24 paraganas – January,2011.
  11. At Bansdroni, Kolkata – February, 2011.
  12. At Kachua, 24 paraganas – February, 2011.
  13. At ‘St Mary’s Church’, Ripon Street, Kolkata – February, 2011.
  14. At Kachua, 24 paraganas - November,2011.
  15. At Kachua, 24 paraganas - December,2011.
  16. At ‘St Mary’s Church’, Ripon Street, Kolkata - February, 2012. (Additional eye check-up service was given)
  17. At Kachua, 24 paraganas - December, 2013.
  18. At Hindmotor, Hoogly - January, 2013.
  19. At Kachua, 24 paraganas - January, 2013.
  20. At Hindmotor, Hoogly - February, 2013.
  21. At Jangra, Baguihati, Kolkata - February, 2013.
  22. At Entally Bani Institute, Kolkata - August, 2013.
  23. At Entally Bani Institute, Kolkata - February, 2014. (Additional E.C.G. was done at very nominal charge)
  24. At 'St Mary's Charch', Ripon Street, Kolkata - February, 2014. (Additional free eye check-up and E.C.G. were done at very nominal charge)
  25. At Jangra, Baguihati, Kolkata - March, 2014. (Additional free eye check-up and E.C.G. were done at very nominal charge)
  26. At 'Asha Niketan' - an old-age home, Sukanta Nagar, Salt Lake, Kolkata - June, 2015.
  27. At 'Sammilani Club', Anath Nath Deb Lane, Kolkata - January, 2016.

(D)     Scientific Seminars:

      1.   At ‘Aikatan’, Salt Lake, Kolkata, September, 2008.
  • Thalassemia blood test camp.
  • Thalassemia (Audiovisual) – Presented by Serum Thalassemia Prevention Federation.
  • Aids – Lecture delivered by Dr. Bibhuti Saha.
  • Relationship of medicines– Lecture delivered by Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha
      2.   At ‘Aikatan’, Salt Lake, Kolkata, September, 2009.
  • Felicitation and life time award to Dr. R. K. Dutta.
  • Management of cancer – Lecture delivered Dr. Goutam Mukhopadhyay, M. S.
  • Mechanism of action of homoeopathic medicines – Lecture delivered by Dr. N. C. Sukul, (Scientist)
  • Interpretation of miasms in the light of modern science – Lecture delivered by Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha, M. D. (Hom.)
       3.   At ‘Aikatan’, Salt Lake, Kolkata, August, 2010.
  • Felicitation and lifetime award to Dr. Mahendra Singh.
  • Lecture on ‘Stroke – prevention, detection, and management’ by Dr. Dipesh Mondal.
  • Lecture on ‘A new approach in homoeopathic treatment’ by Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha.
  • Lecture on ‘Homoeopathy – past, present and future’ by Dr. Mahendra Singh.
  4.   At Mother Teresa Hall, Seva Kendra, kolkata, September, 2011.
  • Felicitation and life time award to Dr. Prof. A. R. Khudabukhsh.
  • Lecture on ‘An overview of homoeopathic research carried out in laboratory’ – by Prof. A. R. Khdabukhsh (scientist).
  • Lecture on ‘Psychological disorders and homoeopathic treatment’ – by Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha, M. D. (Hom.)
  5.   At Hotel Hindusthan International, Kolkata, December, 2012
  • Felicitation and life time award to Dr. S.P.Dey

Topics and speakers

a)Homoeopathic treatment : Dr. S.P.Dey D.M.S.; D.F.(London)
b)Imaging modality – when and why? : Dr. S.K.Sharma B.Sc.; M.D.; F.I.C.A.(USA)
c) Principle of general oncology : Dr. Gautam Mukhopadhyay M.S.(Mumbai)
d)Recent trends in the treatment and management of heart diseases : Dr. Sanjay Singh M.S.; M.C.H.
e)Homoeopathy – a unique system of advanced medicine : Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha B.Sc.; M.D. (Hom)
  6. At 'Mother Teresa Hall', Seva kendra, Calcutta, December, 2013.
  •  Felicitetion to Dr. (Prof.) Dipes Kumar Mandal (Founder President, Stroke Federation of Bengal)

Topics and speakers

a)Stroke Burden in India : Dr. (Prof.) Dipes Kumar Mandal M.D.; DM(Neuro)
b)Importance of Mental Symptoms in Homoeopathic Treatment : Dr. Subrata Das B.H.M.S.
c)Role of Homoeopathy in some Emergency Conditions with its Managements : Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha B.Sc.; M.D.(Hom.)
  7. At 'Hotel Hindusthan International' - a Five Star Hotel, Kolkata, December, 2014
  • Felicitation and Life Time Award to Dr RamKrishna Ghosh Mondal.

Topics and speakers

a)Homoeopathy - The Royal Avenue of Management of Cancer : Dr. Soumen Adhikary M.D.(Hom)
b)Rheumatoid Arthritis : Dr. Parashar Ghosh M.D., D.M
c)Common E.N.T. Problems : Dr. Debasish Sanyal M.S.
d)Ebola - The Current Threat for the Human World : Dr. Bibhuti Saha DTM&H, M.D.(Cal)
e)Management of some of the critical conditions in Practice : Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha B.Sc., M.D.(Hom)
  (8)   At'Mother Teresa Hall', Seva Kendra, Calcutta, January, 2016
  •        Felicitation and Life time Award  to Dr Soumendu Adhikary.

Topics and speakers

a)MAN IN DISEASE : Dr. Soumendu Adhikary M.D.(Hom.)
b)COMMON DENTAL PROBLEMS : Dr. Biswajit Panda B.D.S.; F.R.H.S.
  N.B :- *All attending doctors and respectable personalities for above seminars were free entry card holders (except the fifth & seventh ones). The prizes were given to those who were found successful in giving the right answers to the questions asked by the respective speaker after every lecture. Only twenty rupees deligation fee was taken from the deligates in seminar no. 8.    

(E)   Charitable dispensary:

Run by Homoeopathic Society for People's Welfare in the evening of every 1st and 3rd Sunday of every month at Entally Bani Institute, Kolkata.

Panel of Doctors: Dr. Kirit Kumar Saha, Dr. G. C. Nayek, Dr. Pranab Chatterjee, Dr. P. K. Dey

Assistant to doctors: Mr. Amit Sarkar, Mr. Ashoke Paul, Mr. Pradip Adhikary