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B.SC., D.M.S., F.W.T., DIP.N.I.H., M.D.(HOM.)

Consultant Homeopathic Physician

Specialist in chronic Diseases

Renowned Homeopath

Reputed speaker and writer

30-years experience of treatment

Homeopathic Books


Glimpse On Homoeopathy And Its Practice

Price : $ 600

Light has been thrown into different aspects of homoeopathy and its system of treatment in perspective of this twenty first century. The deep discussion in this book will surely help to enhance the knowledge of every student of homoeopathy. It will as well serve as a most valuable supplement in perspective of dissertation on homoeopathic subjects required for M.D. students.


Homoeopathy - Darshan-O-Bijnan

Price : $ 300

A book is written for homoeopathic orientation of patients and bears great value for homoeopathy. Publication of homoeopathic book is first time of this kind. The basics of homoeopathy discussed here will be helpful for the students. The knowledge of the book will certainly help patients and physicians in effecting better output in treatment. So read and let read the patients.


Auxiliary Modes In Homoeopathic Treatment

Price : $ 120

For quality practice a homoeopath like the physician of other disciplines must know about management for taking care of the patient in the perfect way. Important role of different aspects like diet, rest, sleep, exercise, hygienic care, care of the patient, psychotherapy, life style, and many more have been discussed here in context of sickness to accelerate the recovery in addition to the treatment with medicine.