Homoeopathy – A Unique System of Advanced Medicine

Homoeopathy – a system of medicine

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine brought to light by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German scientist, physician, teacher, author, multifaceted rare talent, in the year of 1790. This is a system of medicine based on therapeutic law of nature. The essential mark of this treatment is ‘Similia Similibus Curentur’. It is meant to treat a sickness by the medicine, which has got potentiality to produce the most similar state to that of sickness when administered in a healthy man.  When the rule is followed, that paves the way towards the destiny of cure. Stunning discovery of homoeopathy set a conspicuous milestone in the history of medical science. A breakthrough new dimension of treatment came into the medical arena through this therapy.

What phenomenon is observed when two magnets come nearby? Two similar poles (positives or negatives) when come closer – they repulse each other. In the similar manner, during treatment when two similar diseases meet in a human being the stronger one artificially produced by the homoeo-medicine repels the already existed relatively weaker sickness from the human economy. Since the medicine in this system is prepared in such a manner that the stronger artificial disease produced by it is exhausted and disappear soon after certain period of time to post what one can say cure.

Homoeopathy is the only therapeutic system which bears hall-mark. Because, it has certain therapeutic law, it has certain principle. That could be the strong reason why, this can be considered as a genuine method of medicinal treatment.


Wonderful concept of dynamis behind life, health, sickness and cure

Hahnemann discovered a link between matter and energy. To say dynamiswhat we mean here? It is invisible. It is immaterial. It is spiritual. It is energy. And, it is dynamic too. Hahnemann introduced this as the cause of life to the medical world and termed it vital principle. Dr. Kent subscribed to this excellent idea of Hahnemann calling it simple substance.

The material world is performed by the simple substance. There are two realms of worlds: the realm of cause i.e. invisible; the realm of ultimate i.e. visible – that we can sense by our five senses.

A living human being or a man is constituted of structural material body plus immaterial spiritual vital principle .If this principal spiritual energyis withdrawn; there remains only material structure without life, which is nothing but a dead body. That signifies the fact that vital principle stands to serve life. Crucially, life begins at the level of incorporeal plane i.e. vital principle and its ultimate is at the level of physical plane i.e. human organism. Expression of life takes place at two different but integrated segments of human system. One is mind (the world of thought), and the other is physical body (the world of matter). Blending of these two into unified whole is done by the vital principle.

There is nothing wonderful than the co-ordination of man’s economy. Life process evolves from unbelievable harmonious functions controlled by the master. When, full harmony appears to be settled nicely in life functions, to delineate the state, Hahnemann coined the term ‘healthy’. The masteri.e. vital principle whenis in equilibrium, the vital operations of the vital-force generated from vital principle remain undisturbed to keep going of all biochemical functions precisely in the physical plane to maintain homoeostasis and also to keep harmony and comfort in psycho-somatic plane of the living human being. There is equilibrium as well in life functions and, as a result, health is preserved. Generation of life and preservation of health is, therefore, truly made by the master. Any disturbance in this operation of vital force for disorganization in the equilibrium of vital principle leads to disrupt the harmony in cropping up diseased state. In order to disorganize vital principle another subtle power of inimical nature is required. That can be termed as disease dynamis.Here, disease dynamis is the cause of sickness. But sickness primarily starts at the plane of vital principle and its ultimate expression takes place at the two levels of perception and they are mind and body. Similarly, the lost equilibrium of distressed vital principle can be restored with getting back its rhythm only by means of another aiding force of dynamic nature. In quest of this subtle power Hahnemann discovered a special preparation of potentization of medicinal substances. This process gets involvement to produce high to higher curative energy in the medicine required for the road of destination in incorporeal plane to accomplish permanent cure. It is merely possible when applied on the basis of therapeutic law of nature. This curative energy is dynamis of medicine and medicine is the curative agent. Like sickness, cure also launches from incorporeal plane of life energy to finish job at the perceptible and corporeal plane. The basic concept of life, health, disease and cure explained in homoeopathy with strong philosophy, fine logic and experimental observations appeared new and with great surprise to the medical word. What here plays the key role is dynamis. Vitality bears such unique concept and can be termed as follows.

  1. Dynamis of living human being i.e. vital principle.
  2. Dynamis of disease i.e. disease dynamic force.
  3. Dynamis of medicine i.e. dynamic power of medicine.

This is a marvelous concept which brought revolution in the field of treatment. This is an amazing idea for which implementation of therapeutic law of nature is realistically being feasible.

Why it is unique system of medicine?

To know the therapeutic power and nature of action, these medicines are tested only in the human beings, not in any lower animals. We call it drug proving. Repeated drug proving in several healthy individuals of different sexes, ages, and races in various places and in several times have been practiced to confirm the actions of medicinal power. The unique set of symptoms exhibited by each individual medicine in drug proving is recorded in homoeopathic materia medica. Standing on the ground of this knowledge, medicine is chosen to administer in the patient in accordance with the therapeutic law of nature.  Is it not most justified in any consideration? Is it not an exceptionally good thought for the way to acquire the knowledge of medicine and its application?

Here, a physician proceeds for treatment taking individualization into account on holistic concept not by the name of any disease. Holism is a theory that tells us about the creation of whole, which is the fundamental principle of the universe. An individual reacts to or adjust with the surroundings as a whole, whether he is healthy or sick. Does a man ever say that he or she is healthy but any of his or her particular body-part is sick? No, never. The sufferings are always felt by the man as a whole, which he denotes as ‘I am getting trouble’. ‘I’, in this place, represents the man as a whole. Some of the physiologists of modern era are found to realize holistic concept in concern of living person and in consequence of that to cement from part to whole in the study of physiology has been found to be proposed. A sick person can’t be reckoned as a part but by whole. Only mind or body cannot represent a person unless both are considered altogether under the influence of spiritual life energy. So, non-consideration of the ‘whole’ becomes a big shortcoming in any proceeding of treatment. Homoeopathy has overcome this shortcoming.

One should carefully think about ‘whole’ for ‘individuality’. ‘Individuality’ is used to describe sum-total character peculiar to and distinguishing one individual from others.  The simple reason is that no two men are completely alike in this world – not in physically, not in the make-up of mind, not in reactions to various stimuli. It has got well support by the latest knowledge of advanced genetics. Seemingly identical monozygotic twins of same sex and of same blood group are not same as a whole. From the knowledge of medical surgery, it is viewed that if any organ of a man, say kidney for an example, is transplanted to any other man, the latter will reject it. The rejection of the transplanted organ is a complicated process, involving both the cellular and humoral immune mechanisms. Notwithstanding the fact of being the same type of organ of the donor belongs to same species of the recipient it is treated as a foreign body to him, even if the donor is of same sex and of same age, and even if the donor and the recipient are compatible to each other from the point of blood group and lymphocytes. In order to overcome the problem or to make it accepted by the recipient’s system, administration of immunosuppressive drugs and steroids becomes necessary for the recipient after operation with the fact that the proper matching of the donor and recipient is already done. Similarly, no two medicines display total symptoms in a prover while drug proving of equal status or strength or nature.  All these tell the fact of individual uniqueness. Eventually, it frequently becomes cause of concern of the events where a particular kind of disease in several patients may call for different medicines for each of the victims. Interestingly, on the other side of the coin, a particular homoeopathic medicine very often shows its effectiveness in diverse kind of disease conditions because of its wide range of action. Treatment, therefore, based on individualization of the patient as well as of the medicine as a whole with their matching, must, in general, be reckoned as most perfect procedure with involvement of skilful art. And, in fact, this is followed in this immaculate healing system of medicine.

Gentle approach to the patients, easily accessible for the patients considered useful in treatment are special character of this system to raise its bar. On one side, properties of no drug-resistance, no toxic-effects of homoeopathic medicines if carry an exceptional value for it, on the other side, quality of no side effects on proper application of this medicine has made it most reliable and safe in medical arena. A large range of potencies from very low to very high in the drugs of this therapeutic system gives it undoubtedly extra edge by enlarging the space in treatment from any other therapy we know.

If all these discussions now are taken into consideration we arrive at the inference that homoeopathy is a unique system of medicine composed of excellent science and art.

Why this is an advanced medicine?

According to Avogadro, number of units in one mole of any substance is equal to 6`0221367×1023. So, further and further dilution of any solution heads to absolute disappearance of physical state of the solute at a certain point of dilution. In the light of physical science, this cannot be disavowed. Continuous process of dilution during its preparation homoeopathic medicine reaches a stage when no entity of single molecule of that medicinal substance remains. It is astonishing that nevertheless, this medicine of higher dilution can act in the living organisms! As a matter of fact, preparation of higher potencies of homoeopathic medicines does not mean mere dilution of medicines; rather means an uncommon method that consists of a series of successive dilutions and succussions that leads to liberate subtle curative power in liquid medicine. Effects of medicines of higher dilutions, observed during drug proving and treatment, talk for it.

Owing to Avogadro’s rule, many people do not have any belief in this medicine. How it generates its power of action, how it works in the living organisms are great mysteries to the curious world. The scientific knowledge of Hahnemann’s time was far behind to unfold the mysteries. Despite having currently advanced higher forms of devices, present day science cannot demonstrate out and out on its table the mode of generation, the real character, and the course of action of sublime power of homoeopathic medicine! Homoeopathy is still ahead of what modern science has reached. How it works? It is not so essential to know. It works to deliver result.
This is important. That’s it. Let me, in this context, throw some light on something. If we look through the development of ‘physics’, a stream of mainland science, up to some hundred years back from now, what we see? The eighteenth century witnessed a tremendous success of Newton’s mechanics. The nineteenth century revealed Maxwell’s electrodynamics theory. And the twentieth century bagged two revolutionary theories of Albert Einstein i.e. theory of relativity and quantum theory considered as an outset of modern physics. Now, it is, in this connection, important to raise the question: was it really possible to explicate or realize electrodynamics theory or both the Einstein’s theory of modern physics from the platform set with the knowledge of Newton’s mechanistic model in eighteenth century? The answer is, obviously, ‘no’. Again, the real knowledge, which provides us to know scientifically first time a causal relationship between a bacillus and a disease, was obtained in the nineteenth century from isolation of anthrax bacillus by Robert Koch. If we go back further to the year of 1546, we come to know, Fracustorious of Verona put forward the conception of ‘contagium vivum’ as the probable cause of infective diseases. Then it is Von Plenciz in 1792, who believed that the disease had some microbial origin.
The factual reality is that the truth was there too even much before that. But people belongs to the science circuit of older time could not regard that as good as true since that knowledge was not in the horizon of their mind’s vision. Similarly, veracity comes into play when existence of God’s particle (a newly known subatomic particle), the last piece of elegant theory of the building blocks of the universe, was proved first time only a few months ago with the help of 4 years gigantic experiment with highest technology of advanced science in the large Hadron collider of CERN laboratory .
Some hints about the presence of this kind of particle were given by some of the scientists of this world in the last century.  Satyendra Nath Bose, a great scientist of India, explained about the properties of this type of particles in 1924. The Scotland Scientist, Peter Higgs submitted a research paper in 1964, where, he imagined the existence of particle (called Higgs-Boson), which serve the mass to all other particles in this universe. But, this particle had been in existence in this universe since the moment after its birth. A truth is always remains truth even if you fail to penetrate it with the help of the technologies available in science.

Attempts have been made from time to time to clear the mysteries of medicinal power and its course of action in the living organism by several scientists in their laboratories in different parts of the world. It has become possible to acquire knowledge and invade mysteries only to some extent. To dig out unexplored knowledge of this advanced medical science still there is long way to go. Dr. Boyd of Glasgow, in a laboratory investigation, detected the electro-magnetic energy of medicine in high potencies for the first time with the help of Emanometer in twentieth century. In 1988, the French scientist John Benveneste with his team went through a research work on protein antibody solution. He said that disappearance of physical existence of  protein antibody molecule in a solution took place after going through dilutions of the solution beyond Avogadro’s level but the antibody reaction was  still then being observed and that happened as the property of antibody protein had remained in the form of memory in the water. 15 years later, Lui Ray, a scientist of Switzerland had worked on it and confirmed his notion. Surprisingly, most of the scientists of this world did not accept that! Some scientists, in India, have been carrying research works to explore the mystery of potentized homoeopathic drugs. Prof. A. R. Khuda-Bukhsh of Kalyani University, who has been working in this mission for a long period of time, states that potentized homoeopathic drugs can repair X-ray induced damages of DNA, chromosomes, nuclei and proteins, while succussed alcohol, the vehicle of homoeopathic drugs, fails to do so. This medicine, he adds, at the dilution beyond the Avogadro’ limit has ability to trigger gene(s) to action producing a cascade of downstream gene actions. He has scientific arguments in favour of the ‘gene regulatory hypothesis.’ According to Prof. Dr. N. C. Sukul of Visva-Bharati University, Shantiniketan, who is engaged in the similar job of research so far carried out, has definitely established that homoeopathic potencies are effective on man, animals, plants and isolated organs. He says, the precise mechanism of action of homoeopathic potencies in the living body is not known.  But, he has explanation of possible rout of its action.  For this, he has pointed towards cellular network. Going through repeated research works Dr. A, C. Dey of Dhanbad too has explained on the basis of speculation how the power of homoeopathic medicine develops. He is also of the opinion that a potentized medicine is powerful enough to invade chromosome and repair the defect of gene.  Cytogenetical investigation on the effect of certain homoeopathic drugs on plant material was done by Dr. Balaram Jana of Kolkata. The studies showed the potencies could produce changes in chromosomal levels. In recent past, another heavyweight French scientist and noble prize holder for discovery of HIV virus, ‘Luke- Anatine Montanyeye’ read a paper in a science conference before many scientists of big stature including noble prize holders came from across the globe. The paper contained the findings he had got from certain laboratory experiments. What we come to know from that is in brief as follows. Two tubes were kept side by side under electro-magnetic field. A solution of DNA of disease producing microbes was kept in the first tube. In the second tube there was simple pure water. After 16 to 18 hours it was found that DNA molecules from the first tube sent message to the second tube through radio-wave and as a result there were formation of images of water molecules at the same positions and of the same shapes to that of DNA molecules! Then that DNA solution was diluted to the stage beyond the existence of its molecule. It was found that even then the water molecules of the first tube took the images of similar shapes as well as positions to that of DNA molecules! Same experiment was done again. But the result was incredibly same! That means in spite of disappearance of physical state of the solute, the solution was still capable of sending similar message to the second water tube to form similar kind of artificial images in water molecules. By this experiment, notion of memory of water gets a huge support indeed. He, as well, declared that this water memory and radio wave of DNA would open up new horizon of treatment. What is for sure is that this would, in the time to come, drag the things in favour of homoeopathic medicines of higher dilutions. To silent the critics of ill motive, to stop the unwanted activities of the antagonists, and to arouse belief in the mind of the unbelievers, the miraculous outcome of these ongoing innovative investigational studies will hopefully work.

The feedbacks received from different research works indicate that potentized medicines can act on genes, and which signifies that not only it is capable to heal genetic diseases; it has capability to prevent many ailments of genetic origin supposed to be blooming sometimes in life-time. Moreover, homoeopathic medicine being capable to induce rectifying effect on gene can be quite a good substitute of genetic engineering of tomorrow. Not that this medicine began journey well ahead of time only, even at this point in twenty first century, it can be denoted as future medicine too.  We can, now, conclude without any element of doubt that homoeopathy is really a unique system of advanced medicine.